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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Two

Day Two

LOCATION: Outside eastern Mt. Koltz entrance/exit

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 10 HP 222/222), Locke (Lv. 10 HP 191/221), Terra (Lv. 9 HP 186/186 MP 18/61), Sabin (Lv. 12 HP 259/259)



GP: 7411

This was a mixed day.

To begin, sadly, despite my intentions, I did not get back to playing yesterday. I foolishly thought I could upload the footage the same day as I played it, especially since I didn't have to optimize the videos to be under the 100 MB YouTube limit, but only had to crop it. I was mistaken. It took me until 4AM to upload eight files. I've figure out what my mistake was, but in the end it cost me playing time I was counting on.

Excuses aside, I decided to raid as much of South Figaro as I could remember, and decided to raid chests and hidden spots. Only after I took the items did I realize that these items also became "better" later in the game just as the chests in the Narshe and Figaro caverns. However, since I've already made peace with the fact that this isn't going to be a perfect run, at least it prevented me from going to the Item shop, as I didn't need to buy items yet.

I bought a Plumed Hat and a Regal Cutlass for Terra, simply because I knew I'd probably forget to de-equip her when the time came to do so. I also bought A Bio Blaster and a Noise Blaster for Edgar here. I also noticed I had an extra Heavy Shld in my inventory, which means I bought one I didn't need.

After a little more exploration, since I'm a cheapskate and didn't want to go to the Inn, I left South Figaro and headed for Sabin's hut and triggered the scenes that followed. After resting in the bed and talking to the old man who mysteriously appeared outside the small house, I wandered for a little to get into some random encounters. After a few minutes of this, it was time for Mt. Kolts...or is it Mount Koltz. I can never remember how that's spelled.

My ascent of the mountain was only eventful for the mount of backtracking that I do along the way. I'm still not quite sure if I got all the treasures from the mountain. On the bright side, I was able to snag a Bandana from a Brawler. Of course, my fights were filled with whopping mistakes like using a Bio Blaster on a pair of Brawlers and wasting Terra's MP on needless Fire spells. I also had trouble because this capture device, like the previous one I used, sometimes renders multi-targeting invisible, so I have to literally play it by ear.

Anyway, I got to the save point, healed with the items I'd been hoarding, I fought my way through the seemingly endless iteration of random encounters with Two Cirpiuses, one Trillium, and one Tusker, I fought Vargas, who was a little easier than I remembered. I really wasn't paying any attention in this fight, in part due to a phone call I got right in the middle on it. In any case, with one Pummel Vargas was dead, Sabin joined the party, and I headed outside the cave to save before anything disastrous could happen.
Tags: final fantasy

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