Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Four

Day Four

LOCATION: The Veldt (Outside Molbiz)

PARTY MEMBERS: Sabin (Lv. 12 HP 325/325), Cyan (Lv. 13 HP 358/358), Gau (Lv. 13 HP 349/349)



GP: 65

Despite the length of time I spent today playing, I did not advance the storyline. Instead, I went onto the Veldt and built up Rages. I had a limited amount of success and made a lot of blunders. For instance during a fight with a Telstar I used my only Remedy to try to alleviate Megazerk, which naturally didn't work. I knew better than to do such a stupid move, but I decided to move on. I also leapt into a Telstar battle, despite already having the Rage. That meant I obtained one less Green Beret that I could have used.

In addition, there were quite a few times I failed in my Blitz inputs. I also got a Game Over today on the Veldt. I almost never get killed here, since the enemies are so weak, but unusually I tend to heal more in between battles.

In between stints on the Veldt, I decided to waste money in Molbiz by advancing the fallen soldier side quest. I did buy a white Cape, but I'm going to pretend that the Evade bug was fixed and not abuse it. I also bought a few items and much later a few pieces of armor. At times I went to the inn. At other times, I slept in the bed in the back of the Relic Shop. Toward the end of my playthrough, the lag from my capturing device became simply unbearable, so I knew it was time to quit, which I did.

I still have yet to encounter Over-Mind or StillGoing, or any of the Mount Koltz enemies. I was really hoping to get Cirpius so that I can obtain free Haste2 spells in battle. I believe I'm going to leave the Veldt without encountering any of these enemies, which is a shame. I'll just have to settle for having Stray Cat and Marshal's Wind Slash. Given that I still have Locke's scenario to go through, I can't afford to waste more time here.
Tags: final fantasy

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