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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Five

Day Five

LOCATION: Underneath the rich traitor's mansion in South Figaro

PARTY MEMBERS: Locke (Lv. 11 HP 225/280), Celes (Lv. 12 HP 240/275 MP 51/86)



GP: 1318

Today, I had only the bare minimum of time available to play. I began the day by crossing the Veldt and Crescent Mountain. Instead of triggering the side scenes as I am fond of doing, I went straight to the spot in the cave where the diving helmet was hidden. The party leapt into the Serpent Trench and Gau's Hazer rage took care of the underwater life forms, even though Sabin was momentarily felled by a monster's bolt. I went right both times, getting the treasures and landing in Nikeah.

Once in Nikeah I messed around a little, as I encountered the dancer who embarrased Cyan. I also made a few unnecessary purchases which were funded by jaunts outside of Nikeah. After a deal of wasting time and money, I hopped aboard the ferry and waited for the final scenario, that of Locke.

I began Locke's section with an extreme case of slowdown, only to realize that I has forgotten to de-equip the Sprint Shoes relic from the previous section. This meant that I'd have to go through the town of South Figaro at half speed. I stole a merchant's clothes to get to the blocked exit, stole a soldier's clothes for seemingly no reason, wandered around, then stole both the merchant's clothes and the cider. I returned to the old man with the cider and with the password of "Courage," I was on my way to rescuing Celes.

Soon I had Celes in my party, and I equipped her with the finest gear I had before putting her in the back row. I couldn't help but notice that she was a whopping two levels ahead of Locke, who was only at Level 10 at the time. I suppose this was another indirect consequence of doing this scenario last.

Anyway, I went through part of the basement and raided chests, accosted by Vector Pups and imperial troops along the way. In one chest I found an Iron Armor, an item I had already foolishly bought in Nikeah. After several battles, though, I realized that I did not have the time to press on, so I backtracked all the way back to the previous Save Point in the call next to where Celes was held. I saved and called it a day.
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