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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Six

Day Six

LOCATION: Outside Narshe

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 13 HP 315/315), Celes (Lv. 13 HP 310/310 MP 93/96), Sabin (Lv. 13 HP 364/364), Locke (Lv. 13 HP 314/314)



GP: 12396

I continued Locke's scenario, and aside from a couple of places where I went the wrong way in the basement, I can report that this section of the game passed without incident. I rested at Sabin's abandoned house, went through Figaro Cave, battled TunnlArmr, then watched the reunion scene. Soon it was time for our seven heroes to stand united against Kefka and his troops and I had to configure the equipment for the characters. This process took a few more minutes than I expected, as I wanted my groups to be balanced and planned accordingly.

For my groups I grouped Locke, Cyan and Gau. Since Cyan is slow and Gau's attacks are randomized, having Locke as a third party member allowed him to fill a "tweener" role. He could heal in battle if necessary by using my limited supply of potions, or he could steal if necessary.

I used Terra and Edgar in the next group, with Terra serving as part-time healer and part-time attacker. Edgar used his tools against the enemy, making their unit balanced in terms of offense and defense. Finally, I paired Sabin with Celes. Part of me was worried that the unit would be weak defensively, but I surmised that Sabin's firepower would more than make up for it. After all, I slapped two Earrings on him.

After endless internal deliberations I made my choices and positioned my groups at the intersections that led to Banon. It worked for the most part, but after the first wave, I advanced my groups, only to see that more troops were coming in a second wave. After beating the countless enemies I dispatched Rider with Locke's unit, and Kefka with Celes and Sabin.

Once this was done it was time to watch Terra and the Esper interact, and for Terra to be transformed into her alternate form and fly away. After I regained control of my character, it was decision time again. Since Edgar, Celes, Sabin, and Locke had the least experience, it was these four who I would control. After a few more adjustments, I equipped the Sprint Shoes on Edgar so I could move at a reasonable pace. Soon, I regretted it, as lag reared its ugly head. Nevertheless, I made it to the entrance of town and promptly saved.
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