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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Seven

Day Seven

LOCATION: Outside Zozo

PARTY MEMBERS: Celes (Lv. 15 HP 393/393 MP 41/116), Cyan (Lv. 14 HP 358/402 MP 86/96), Gau (Lv. 14 HP 350/393 MP 91/101), Locke (Lv. 15 HP 397/397 88/108)



GP: 15466

First, I headed back into Narshe and bought some equipment, most of it I probably didn't need. After this, I went to Figaro castle, and as always when Sabin is in the party when he rests at Figaro castle, he left the party. With Edgar in my party, I decided to go shopping with the limited funds I had remaining, buying a Flash and a few more items at half price. Since I was in a cutscene watching mood, I decided to rest at Figaro castle. It would have been more productive to do this later, given how many times I'll be going to this castle with the two royals, but I digress. After watching the sad scene, it was time to go to Kohlingen.

I talked to people for no reason and took a moment to visit both Rachel's old house and the old man's hut trigger Locke's sad memories and to retrieve any treasure. While in town, I paid a visit to Shadow who wanted nothing to do with me since I had four party members.

After this, I decided to see if I could take advantage of the Figaro castle discount by beating up on FossilFangs. I forgot after a couple of encounters that I wasn't supposed to attack them with normal physical attack. As a price for my ignorance, I received a particularly nasty sandstorm counterattack. After a little while, I had enough of them and visited the old man in the solitary hut to the north, then eventually headed south to Jidoor.

I played around in Jidoor a bit, buying a White Dress and some other items such as those Echo Screens, I also left town and went to the Opera House, even though I knew it was closed. After I headed back to Jidoor, I decided to rent a Chocobo to ride, then waddled my way, to Zozo. I stopped for a few seconds to listen to the music until the end of the loop.

I entered Zozo, and there's not much to say here, other than lag rearing its ugly head again. I got the chain saw, and I eventually remembered to de-equip Celes' Flail and equip a sword so I could Runic the various enemy magic attacks. I fought and beat Dadaluma in an extremely easy fight, then I made my way into the room where Terra rested in a bed. After stripping my party of its equipment and raiding the chests, I talked to her, listened to Ramuh's exposition, and watched him sacrifice himself. I took the Magicite he left for us, then talked to my comrades at the bottom of the screen.

Once I had control of my party again, I switched Sabin and Edgar for Cyan and Gau. I did this in 2006 as well, and it's scary how much I'm emulating that playthrough. Then again, given that I won't get either Gau or Cyan for a while in the second part of the game, it might be better to build them up now. I re-equipped everyone then allocated the Espers as follows.

Kirin went to Gau, as the kid has a decent magic stat already, and I don't think I have any curative rages yet. Celes got Siren just so she could learn Fire. Cyan got Stray as not only would it give him a sorely needed magic boost upon leveling up, but none of the spells Stray taught were dependent on the magic statistic. That left Ramuh for Locke. After this, I went outside and saved.

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