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I had a strange dream last night, a strange but wonderful dream. Now that it has been a couple of hours since I awakened, the memory of the dream is not as strong as when I was awakened. The dream was not linear or cohesive, but then again few of my dreams are. What was so strange about the dream that it was about sements that were distinct and overleapping, but also blending into each other at the edges, such as the empty stadium Dan Rooney stood in suddenly became a grass-covered ampitheater with graves on the far left portion (if you're facing the stage).

One segment was about Teen Titans. I don't watch this show and I don't like the show, so I have no clue why they were in this dream. But they were fighting a vampire lord who was the big boss of the season arc. He had tried to turn the team, but they resisted him, and so they battled using their usual attacks (Starfire's starbolts, Raven's magic, Beast Boy's shape shifting, Cyborg's muscle and Robin's agility).

In another of these segments, I was in Wal-Mart with my parents and the threee of us were shopping. Now mormally, I hate shopping, but in the dream it was a pleasant experience. I had my hair back in a ponytail and everything seemed comfortable, bright and shining. I passed by some barbecue sauce in the aisle that I wanted to try, and so I picked up a bottle, and brought it to my parents. Then I opened it up and tasted it. My mom suggested that I put the sauce back, and so I did, confident that I had not been spotted. We continued shopping and eventually left the store.

In another segment, my dad was walking with Dan Rooney. In the dream, Dan Rooney was his boss even though this is definitely not true in real life. They were in an old style stadium. Not Heinz Field and there was no football game that looked more like a school stadium, but with seats. In any case Rooney was leading my dad around until Rooney sat in a seat. Soon others were coming in sitting in seats and it was clear that an event was about to take place. And everyone had an assigned seat they just knew, no tickets or ushers. So the event was the field breaking open and that segued into another part of the Teen Titans fight.

At the end of the dream the creator of CVRPG, Darkmoon, put up this flash edition of CVRPG (yes, CVRPG). However, ironically enough it was a mix of sprited action, artwork, and live action actresses, and the main characters of this particular comic were five young women doing a magical girl parody. The first one was a woman who was sometimes a blonde in some shots and red-haired in some others. So then she transformed a-la Sailor Mars and was clothed in an outfit that was all red. She was able to control fire, and that was all in the first panel on the bottom left. It was excellent Flash that was so smooth I thought it was several video clips in MPEG or AVI format accessible somehow through a Flash document...Why it was an issue of CVRPG, I don't know. Before I could click on the next woman/transformation sequence, though I was awakened and the dream stopped.

There was more to this dream, but I waited until too late to write down the dream and by the time I waded through the various interruptions, I forgot some of the important stuff. I haven't had a dream this memorable in a while though.
Tags: cvrpg, dreams

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