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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 -- Day Nine

Day Nine

LOCATION: Outside Narshe

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 17 HP 502/502 MP 127/127), Sabin (Lv. 17 HP 511/511 MP 124/124), Setzer (Lv. 17 HP 499/499 MP 107/107), Terra (Lv. 17 HP 497/497 MP 137/137)



GP: 2563

Today was an awful day for playing a video game. The weather outside was unusually warm, but this led to a passing thunderstorm and windstorm, both of which threatened to -- and did -- knock out the power. Normally, though, this is a problem in the warmer months of the year, and not December. (Yes, my Northern Hemispheric bias is showing.)

In any event I talked to Cid and off to the mine cart I went. The Mag Roaders were pushovers, but I made the boss battle with Number128 harder than it had to be. In part because I was distracted and in part because I was greedy, for the majority of the turns I had Gau cast Cure on the entire party while Locke tried to Capture items from the enemy while Cyan used Dispatch. I tried to steal anything from either the body or the arms, but in spite of my efforts, I ended up with nothing. Eventually, I ended up killing the boss without getting anything and waited out the riding sequence to save at the next Save Point.

After this, I encountered a Chaser, which led to three Trappers trying to use their various level-dependent spells on me. During this battle I was again distracted by an outside matter. Nevertheless, I plowed ahead only for the power to blip and for me to lose several precious minutes of playing time. I was immediately returned to the startup screen and began from my last save, then fiddled around until I could find a Chaser in a random encounter. I then went to the exit and met up with Setzer, and with dread I remembered there was another boss battle, and I had not used a tent at the Save Point, and the next thing I knew, Kefka had forced me to battle two Cranes in a Pincer attack.

Fortunately, I was automatically healed for this battle. Gau played the role of healer at first, while everyone else was on offense. I was able to summon Bismarck for big damage. I managed to "win" the triple bar slot result, and instantly, I began to sweat bullets. Fortunately, he summoned Kirin, whose whole party Regen I appreciated. I also messed up when selecting a Rage for Gau once his MP got low, but fortunately, I was able to destroy the cranes without further difficulty.

From this point it was an automatic journey to Zozo, and I once again became afraid once I realized the implication. The next sequence was the Maduin/Terra flashback, one in which there were no Save Points. I dallied a little more than I should have given the circumstances (I love talking to the Espers), but the power did not go out during this section. After it was over and I was able to get control of the airship I saved. However, I still had a few minutes before it was technically thirty minutes of gameplay so I decided to travel the world and blow my new fortune in GP on useless items (such as a second pair of Earrings). I then made my way to Narshe, and received the next mission, to go to the Sealed Gate. After this, I boarded the airship, changed the party members to the lineup listed above, stripped everyone of equipment, then disembarked and saved.
Tags: final fantasy

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