Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Eleven

Day Eleven

LOCATION: Outside Vector

PARTY MEMBERS: Cyan (Lv. 19 HP 629/629 MP 148/148), Locke (Lv. 19 HP 625/625 MP 150/150), Gau (Lv. 19 HP 621/621 MP 127/153)



GP: 44867

Once again, despite the amount of time I put in today, once again, I came up short of my expectations. I finished the Sealed Cave, but it was rough, in part because I got momentarily stuck in certain parts, such as the section where your character must navigate a corridor blind. Of course, this meant lots of experience points for my fabulous foursome -- Edgar, Sabin, Setzer, and Terra.

Because of the rules of the challenge, I have to keep the levels of my characters as even as possible. Since Locke, Gau, and Cyan were my three lowest leveled party members (Gau was a measly Lv. 18!), and I hadn't used them in a while I had to choose them in a three-man party. Don't worry, once these next few sections are done, Mog is going to learn both spells and Dances. But I have to get past this dinner and the Thamasa-related events first.

Unfortunately, I forgot that the airship, upon crash-landed near Maranda, which meant I had to walk all the way to Vector. I stopped in Maranda to determine if anything had changed and soon found that it was the same as it was on my previous visit. Then I walked with purpose to Vector, then saved.

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