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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen


PARTY MEMBERS: Strago (Lv. 26 HP 1116/1255 MP 180/237), Relm (Lv. 23 HP 881/881 MP 206/206), Gau (Lv. 24 HP 970/970 MP 210/210), Mog (Lv. 24 HP 959/1078 MP 216/216)



GP: 1382

Sadly, it looks like I'll have to take on the Floating Continent on D-Day, Day 16.

First, I went to the Chocobo Stable in Nikeah and bought a ride on one. I rode the Chocobo all the way to the falls, then jumped off the falls and back onto the Veldt. After a few random encounters, I boarded the Blackjack. I went to various spots around the world to learn Dances. I also revisited the former Esper Gathering Place and grabbed the treasures I missed the first time around, and leveled all the characters up, so that the four I started today's entry with (Cyan, Relm, Gau, and Mog) would be considered developed enough to ignore.

I made a party of Edgar, Sabin, and Setzer and equipped them with Espers and weaponry, and designated them as the party to combat the IAF and take on the Floating Continent. Although I could have included Celes, as she is Level 23 at the same level of the other stragglers, as she will be forced into the party and I will have no choice but to develop her, I have decided to let her stay behind. I then went to the Jidoor and immediately the Esper Golem was up for sale, so I bought it. With the remaining money I went to Narshe and bought a Poison Rod. Looking at the time, I realized there was a distinct possibility that I would be late filing the report if I took on the Floating Continent today. As a result, I proclaimed this day as mostly a lost cause, changed party members again, then descended to the Veldt and saved.

I'm filing this report now because I know I'm going to need at least an hour on the Floating Continent and the Imperial Air Force, and I want to make sure my report is filed for today. Also, I'm going to make one last attempt to earn some more GP, build up some Rages, and develop characters I won't see for a while.
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