Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen

LOCATION: Outside Molbiz

PARTY MEMBERS: Celes (Lv. 29 HP 1396/1396 MP 118/277), Sabin (Lv. 28 HP 1106/1315 MP 177/252)



GP: 22132

So much for progress.

I decided to try and keep Cid alive, so I fed him as many good fish I could find. It was a time-consuming process, but I did succeed in making him healthy again. I took the raft one a one-way trip to the area outside Albrook. I decided to look around town, only to find that they weren't selling anything of importance. I was able to purchase some Gold Armor for Celes, though.

After this, I went north to Tzen, and triggered the "collapsing house" sequence. Although I have skipped this section in past runs until later, the long trip ahead would be a lot easier with another character. I had cleared the house in previous runs without the Sprint Shoes, so I de-equipped them and set my Relics to RunningShoes and Jewel Ring, and went inside. The random encounters were not too frequent, but the Scorpions were tougher than I remembered, requiring two widespread Ice2 spells to kill instead of one. I grabbed the kid and opened the chests, even the ones with Pm Stalkers in them. However, while downstairs, I realized I would not have enough time to escape, so I re-equipped the Sprint Shoes and dashed upstairs. I still tried to open the chests I'd missed and my greed did me in as time ran out while I was in the middle of another time-consuming random encounter.

Frustrated after being annihilated once again, I kept the experience this endeavor had given me and tried again, this time with the Sprint Shoes. It seemed, though, that the random encounters themselves increased in frequency. I being very foolish and checking out the chests that had monsters in them (although the Pm Stalkers were easy) and as a result, my second run was almost as bad as my first one. Toward the end I got caught in another battle that would have taken up too much time for me to fight my way out of. Out of frustration, I used a Warp Stone in possibly the first time I have escaped from battle in this playthrough. I hate running, but it saved me from having to play all the way through this section again and I took the child outside, although I'm quite sure I missed a treasure.

After this ordeal was over, Sabin joined the party. Tzen's shops didn't have much to offer, but I bought two Super Balls on a whim. After setting my equipment and Espers, I left town and made the long journey to Molbiz. Although I could have ventured north instead, I wanted to make sure I got as many overworld random encounters in as possible while limited to being on foot in the outside world. I stopped just outside Molbiz and quit for the day.
Tags: final fantasy

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