Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen

LOCATION: Outside the Figaro Caverns

PARTY MEMBERS: Sabin (Lv. 30 HP 1051/1509 MP 172/278), Celes (Lv. 31 HP 1371/1595 MP 217/303)



GP: 781

Today started out so well. I talked to Terra, fought Phunbaba, AND got Fenrir. I took the Chocobo in the hidden forest stable to the south and went to Nikeah. After wandering around town, buying an Enhancer and some other equipment, I talked to "Gerad." After sneaking onto the boat to South Figaro, I walked around South Figaro and found a few treasure I'd missed the first time around. After more wandering, I talked to "Gerad," then went outside of town to attack three silly Nohrabbits who cured me with their parting spells of kindness.

Then I entered the cave and grabbed the upgraded treasures. Since, I had a very bad feeling about the next section, I backtracked and went outside to save, as there is no save point before one of the absolute toughest bosses in the game -- those Tentacles. However, I ventured into the cave once again and countless random encounters later I made it to the submerged Figaro Castle. After lots of wandering and making sure I did not miss any treasure, I decided to talk to "Gerad" and trigger the battle with the Tentacles.

What makes them difficult is if your characters don't have the proper Relics equipped and/or don't know all of the Level 2 spells, this battle becomes next to impossible because you only have three characters, including a character you don't even get to optimize. To make matters worse the Relics you need for this battle are completely different from the ones you need for the battles beforehand (since the caves are full of enemies that confuse you, and you fight Tentacles than can poison and slow your characters down) You can't Runic the Bio and Poison spells because the intervals between attacks don't make it impractical. I fail to understand why there was never a Save point put here given the length of the caves which preceded it. Not even the Phoenix Cave or Kefka's Tower is this bad.

Anyway, the battle began. I was able to kill the lower-left Tentacle, but the rest managed to slow, seize, entwine, and poison my characters in second. I also had targeting problems at times (although this was probably just stupidity on my part), as I was unable to heal Celes at a critical moment, which lead to the party's downfall. They were annihilated, and thus I was deposited at the last point I saved, and quit.
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