Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

All right...

As angry as I am, I am going to attempt to retype what I was writing. It will not be the same; once things "come out" of my brain, they never come out the same way again. But hopefully, this message will not be lost.

First one...

"Two black haired youths and the piece of brown that marked their bodies and defined their destinies...

They are two lost souls cast into a void, one a victim of two deities battling over jurisdiction, the other an accidental newcomer, fallen into the nothingness out of despair. The youths don't know each other, although they do know someone in common. And it is the identity of that mysterious link that will spell reunion for one, and rebirth the other...if they can recognize it in time."

And a random one...

"Sable...Scarlet...does the color even matter?"

Finally, the one I typed this post over for.

"Once upon a time, I was 'alive.' I was powerful, I was strong. I could have 'lived' forever. My body was certainly capable of handling immortality. But it limited my power too much. So I made a choice and gathered all that was me except for my body and put it into the most permanent object I could find, a gem. In this manner, I could wait until I found a body that could express my power. In the meantime, I watched my children, and in turn for their protection, I helped them grow more powerful. But they were of my blood, hindered by the very legacy that defined them. What their bodies could not hamper, their duties did, and it seemed every attempt they made to escape their burden, to unite with something new and untested, it failed. At last, the line opened up. Royal and common, mutant and normal, warrior and scholar, all of these lines converged in you. You did not have to carry the burden that hindered your ancestors. More than any of my other children, you are linked to me. Your mind is my mind, even though you don't remember me. Your body, one full of passion and vigor, is the body that can express the potential I have.

That is why you have always felt incomplete. I am your soul.

But remember, self, if you want to be infinitely powerful, you cannot live forever. The question is, when do you want to die?

I can guess your answer, but I can only guess, for even I am not certain how I would answer that question I posed myself."

I hate how everything sounds now because while the words are less cryptic, they are twenty times more contrived.
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