Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Twenty

Day Twenty

LOCATION: Outside Maranda

PARTY MEMBERS:  Edgar (Lv. 32 HP 212/1701 MP 307/294), Celes (Lv. 33 HP 1798/1798 MP 154/330),  Sabin (Lv. 32 HP 1710/1710 MP 304/304), Setzer (Lv. 32 HP 1698/1698 MP 185/314)



GP: 650

I went through Daryl's Tomb.  Other than not being able to remember the order of engraving "The World is Square" (backwards) and backtracking because I forgot the sequence of what to do in his dungeon, it was not really memorable.  In fact, the only thing of note was that I was in an impatient mood so I killed the Presenter with X-Zone.  I fought Dullahan, using a great deal of of Runic to absorb a lot of his spells.  After killing him, I walked down the long stairs and watched the sequences that followed.  Before I knew it, I was on my way to Maranda and I entered it.

While in town, I talked to the people and bought some armor, then talked to Lola and sent the carrier pigeon on its way.   I saved then took one step on the map onto the Falcon's landing space, and the next thing I knew, I was attacked by a Mantodea, a Sprinter, and Two Spek Tors.  The latter two weren't too bad but the giant mantis kept killing my characters in one hit.  Before I knew it my party had been annihilated.

I was instantly kicked back the spot I saved and took another step, which triggered the same battle.  This time, I did remember to summon Golem (who was equipped on Setzer).  The enemies killed Celes and Sabin, and since Edgar and Setzer were behind them by approximately a whole level, I left them dead, allowing the two laggers to win the battle and gain the experience.

After healing my characters, I decided to knock the battle with the Earth Drgn out of the way, and re-equipped my characters to face an Earth-based monster.  I then took to the skies and flew over to the Opera House.  I grew a little scared, hoping I wouldn't run into Doom Gaze just yet, and fortunately, I did not.  I went into the Opera House and fought the Earth Drgn, which was not a difficult task with a Cherub Down on Edgar and Gaia Gears equipped on the other characters.

After beating the Earth Drgn, I left then went back to Maranda.  I bought an Oath Veil for no other reason than that I could, then went outside and saved.

I'm not done playing for the day, but I wanted to take a break and actually write a report, rather than actually continue playing, make up a good portion my lost time, and then forget to write a report.  Besides, after an hour of playing, lag begins to rear its ugly head on this thing, and it wouldn't do me much could to stumble around aimlessly any more than I usually do.
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