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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty Two

LOCATION: Inside the Phoenix Cave

PARTY MEMBERS: Celes (Lv. 35 HP 1959/2003 MP 319/362), Edgar (Lv. 34 HP 1897/1905 MP 321/339), Sabin (Lv. 34 HP 1914/1914 MP 332/332), Setzer (Lv. 34 HP 1588/1912 MP 232/342)



GP: 35021

I actually played after I posted yesterday and started and ended Cyan's sidequest. This was time consuming because of stupidity on my part. For instance, I forgot to equip Relics that prevent petrification on Gau and Terra during the fight against the three Dream Stooges. However, my worst bout of stupidity came from battling Wrexsoul. I seriously forgot how to beat this guy the legitimate way, and as a result, the battle went on for quite possibly an hour as by the time I did recall what to do, I had run out of critical items (like Fenix Downs and Shuriken). I figured I'd make it up with a productive session today to make up for this failure.

 So much for that idea.

I know now I'm not going to make it. I barely had time to actually put in a half an hour today, on a day "off" no less, and it took me this long to actually just get to the halfway point. I'll play to see how far I can get in the game, but on Day 24, I'm quitting one way or another.

All I did was get halfway through Phoenix Cave today, one party made up of the members listed above, the other made of Terra, Cyan, Shadow, and Gau. I will note that the latter combination is far more effective than it has any right to be, as with Gau's automatic attacks, Terra's spell animations, and Interceptor's impromptu appearances, I have enough time to charge up SwdTech to some of the higher levels.

Other than that, and opening chests that I had forgotten were empty, there isn't much more to write
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