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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Twenty Three

Day Twenty Three

LOCATION: Outside the Fanatics Tower

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 36 HP 2112/2112 MP 367/367), Sabin (Lv. 36 HP 2131/2131 MP 208/360), Celes (Lv. 36 HP 2107/2107 MP 284/376), Relm (Lv. 36 HP 2100/2100 MP 375/375)



GP: 26363

I was able to find my way through the Phoenix Cave and fought the Red Dragon, a boss that was was somewhat easier than I remembered. Finally, I finally made my way to Locke and watched the scenes that followed. With Locke now back in the group, I headed to Narshe. I grabbed the Ragnarok Esper and the Cursed Shld, even though it's unlikely I'll have time to uncurse it.

I also got Mog and finally grabbed the Moogle Charm. Since Mog was at a reasonable level, I equipped him with the Moogle Charm, fought the tiny Snow Drgn, then Tritoch, and then ventured into the Narshe caverns further in order to to get the Esper Terrato and the character Umaro. I missed a lot of chests and treasures, but as far as characters went, it was 11 down and three to go.

After this I went to the Isle of Zone Eaters and de-equipped the Moogle Charm. I was worried that Umaro would be stubborn and kill the enemy that I was trying to let win . Fortunately, the Zone Eater froze Umaro and he was able to be Engulfed. Despite various gaffes regarding my attempts to get the treasures in Gogo's cave, I was able to get them and reach the mime. However, I did not want to press my luck with the crushing ceiling of doom (it killed my party when I tried to get to Gogo) and Warped my way out of the cave.

It was time to get the last two characters, which meant I had to go to Jidoor. My four lowest leveled characters were Locke, Setzer, Mog, and Umaro, and in the spirit of the challenge, I took them. I also slapped and Exp. Egg onto Umaro as due to the fact that I probably won't be using him very often, and had the Moogle Charm de-equipped at certain intervals. Of course, this made the Chadarnook boss battle even more difficult than normal, as Umaro would attack when the woman as active (although to be fair, so would my other characters due to poor timing on my part). I eventually got so mad that I decided to kill him off, only for the battle to end just after poisoning him. However, now I had Relm, and that's all that matters.

Once there, it was a quick ride over to the Fanatics Tower with Relm in the party and she shouted Strago back to his senses, bringing him into the party.

So I have all the characters, but I not only have missed four major side quests (Ancient Castle, Hidon, finding Doom Gaze, and of course the Fanatics Tower itself) even more woefully short in spell development. I have literally 24 hours to get my act together.
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