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The 24 Days of Final Fantasy III 2009 Edition -- Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Four

LOCATION: The Credits

PARTY MEMBERS: Edgar (Lv. 37 HP 2228/2228 MP 352/381), Sabin (Lv. 37 HP 2237/2237 MP 250/374), Mog (Lv. 37 HP 2208/2208 MP 335/387), Terra (Lv. 36 HP 2353/2353 MP 323/403) *



GP: 57568

Does it count if the end credits are playing as I actually submit this?

Let me just say that there are treasures I missed. I did not fight the Master Pug, or even any Pugs. I did get Odin and immediately upgraded Raiden, even though I did beat the Blue Drgn. I also did go after and fought Hidon, but forgot to let Strago learn Grand Train, rendering the whole exercise a waste of time.

I also decided to spend some time in the desert south of Maranda to get Celes to learn Life 3. I took Celes, Relm, Mog, and Umaro to the Fanatics Tower to raid the chests and lay the smackdown on both the White Drgn and Magi Master.

Regarding Kefka's tower itself, with the exception of the Number 128 clone and Atma (who actually managed to kill me), the rest of the bosses weren't much trouble at all. During the process of traversing the tower, I got Relm to finally learn Ultima, which literally saved my butt in the final fight. As of 11:20 PM Kefka was defeated, and I'm listening to the prelude them at the end of the game.

*All of these are of the very last save before maneuvering the party to the third (or first from left to right) trigger point.
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