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Happy Reading!

I fail at uploading videos.  How bad am I?  I'm so bad that I must have accidentally deleted my videos without knowing it.  I'm going to assume that's the case since my password is pretty secure and I don't feel like changing it.

So as I'm reuploading all of the videos I deleted, I was going through my hard drive and I found some of the fanfic that a certain person had removed from the Web due to a stupid vendetta she had against me.  I didn't think I had any copies of this stuff.  Most of this was written between 1999-2001.

These stories were supposed to be set between Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S.  Yes, it's dub fiction that also introduces original characters, breaking all the rules of good fanfic.

The Dark Side of the Moon

True Terran

Night of the Selenians

Defenders of the Crystal Saga

Episode One:  --  There's only one episode as this was completed either late August or Early September.  I stopped writing most my Sailor Moon fanfic (and a lot of other things) after 9/11.  I did eventually write one more story, A Queen's Burden, but between the continuity errors with it and my previous work make me gag.

Who knows, I might even find the file where I outlined what was supposed to have happened after all of this...
Tags: creativity, sailor moon, writing

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