Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

The Stupid Bowl

Sunday the Super Bowl will air, and since the Steelers aren't in it, I don't care.  However, while this isn't the worst Super Bowl imaginable from a Steelers' fan perspective (Browns/Cowboys, Ravens/Cowboys, and Patriots/Cowboys are all FAR worse), I can't bring myself to root for either team.  Maybe all of the Atlanta-area residents I've met on Twitter have influenced me, but I don't like the Saints.

On the other hand, the 2009 Colts disgust me.  I really don't hate the Colts THAT much, although I don't like the management decision to effectively screw the players from a perfect season and essentialy deny the Texans a playoff spot.  I hate Peyton Manning.  He's the Sephiroth of QBs, annoying in the fact that he's over-exposed and essentially a marketing machine, despite the fact that he's really as good at what he does.  I hate the fact that the Colts always want to go to the Super Bowl the year after the Steelers do it.  Come on.  This means the Patriots will be in it in 2011.

One thing is certain.  I will not watch this Super Bowl.  We all know how it's going to end, with Peyton Manning on screeen for a full 365 days this year, hoisting the Lombardi, starring in more dumb commercials.  magnus_samma, you can begin your gloating once it happens, as you were right and I was wrong.

But there's one bright spot.  The Steelers STILL have six Super Bowl victories.  I like six. :)
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