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This is why I shouldn't read leiseus journal.  He's giving me song ideas.  Already I have one idea that popped up.  These are just the lyrics.  If only I could carry a tune, I'd sing it, so there'd be an idea of how it goes, but my voice is worse than William Hung's.  That and the melody is probably based off a popular song and I just can't think of what it is.

Death of the Wind

It was the wind...
She lifted me and let my cold steel wings
Sail over kings

And though I pinned
My steady future on a stormy world
Soon I was hurled

Out of the darkness and into the light
Chasing away clouds that sustained endless flight
Air that was sunless has become so bright

But there's a stillness
And there's a calmness
It isn't right


When the wind dies
And the earth cries
When the seas go quiet
Fires wane
And voices start to fade

When the wind dies
Parting the gray skies
After the stormy riot
ends in pain
A silent masquerade
brings a lifeless reign
void of breeze or shade
or of wind.

It was the wind,
She ran her fingers through my feathered hair
her breath still there.

And though I sinned,
Her loving guidance reassured my hope.
She helped me cope

With the tall burden of  my dense duty
Turbulent gales and squalls were my destiny
Even though skies once blew with gusts freely

Now there's a calmness
And there's a stillness
It's not to be


(Whispers of the wind in the background)

All that was a part of me
I simply wanted to be free
To run and race
And kiss her face

But the harsh judgment of a wordless rule
Overcomes justice for a fate that's so cruel
Stagnancy dominates the air once cool

Yes there's a stillness
And there's a calmness
I was the fool

Tags: creativity, writing

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