Nangbaby (nangbaby) wrote,

Chrono Trigger-Style Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z Sprites

In the past few weeks I've gotten interested in the idea of making Chrono Trigger sytle versions of characters from different anime series. Actually, I had been interested in this for a long while, but just now is the first time I ever tried my hand at editing Chrono Trigger Sprites. And I suck, badly. I'd wish someone else would come along and pick up this project, because I seriously don't have the skill for it.

The reason why Androids 17 and 18 are in Mugen School uniforms is because it's something I have been dying to see for my own sick reasons. I'd actually try to put Android 16 in one of those too, but I don't think they'd make those uniforms his size. And since, unlike Lita, 16 isn't hailing from a former school, he can't exactly use and old uniform either. Then again, why are the Androids in those uniforms in the first place? Well, maybe they're hiding out from Cell and trying to blend in with the human environment. Or maybe they just got bored and causing mayhem while waiting for Goku. Or maybe it starts out as the former and turns into the latter...
Tags: creativity, dbz, sailor moon, spriting

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