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Why I Rant

From the headlines featuring figures such as Tiger Woods and Ben Roethlisberger to my interactions with people on a daily basis, there is a disease affecting interpersonal relationships in a seemingly ubiquitous manner.  To be fair, this is neither a new problem nor has this problem intensified in recent years; it merely has become fashionable to diagnose this malaise after the fact rather than to mask it over with medicine from cradle to grave.

The sickness is arrogance without accountability.

I will not go as far as to say arrogance in of itself is a disease.  Arrogance is a character flaw to be certain, but as a flawed human being myself, I am aware that no person is perfect.  Because people need to interact with others to survive, I am of the belief that as people, we make every effort to understand each other, in spite of flaws.  That does not mean that we should necessarily turn a blind eye to each others' faults, but that we help support each other in overcoming our common faults and accept the ones we cannot change.  The tool that is used to help us in this regard is accountability.  After all, the emperor cannot be made aware that he is wearing no clothes if he is treated as though he were wearing his finest royal vestments.

However, as I grow older, I become more cognizant of the lack of accountability and its effects on people.  When I was a child I was in school, and in that structured environment there was measured accountability in terms of both behavior and academic performance.  In order to get onto the honor roll or into the National Honor Society, one not only had to perform well scholastically, but had to behave outstandingly as well.  As I graduated from high school, though, I learned that outside of the edifice's halls, this was not true.

It is this lack of accountability that has gotten some famous people in trouble, but ironically enough, the scrutiny and criticism they now face brings a belated measure of responsibility.  Santonio Holmes may or may not change his behavior, but at least he has been notified with a figurative boot to his unclothed rear of his spiritual nakedness  Yet this is disease runs rampant because it is not called out before it gets to this point, and for every foolish decision that is made public, there are thousands of decisions the same magnitude every day that are not reviewed.  This is why I write long-winded rants against certain figures.   While in the grand picture, it makes no difference, at least I cared enough to make an attempt to treat the disease rather than to spread it.
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