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1) What rank would damaris have in a giant robot army? General
2) Does sin_ominous drink? I'm sure he drinks plenty of water.
3) Is magnus_samma dead sexy? Nope. He's not "dead."
4) If sin_ominous took over the world, who would suffer? Me.
5) What animal should miluda be combined with? Any scaly fish so she could be a mermaid.
6) Did magnus_samma break up with you? No
7) Is miluda friends with nycfurby? Yes
8) What is magnus_samma's favorite game? Favorite game. Can't pick one. I'm sure it'd have to be one of the Mega Man X's...
9) One thing you can't stand about miluda? Her talent
10) Where did you first meet sin_ominous? On ICVD
11) If nycfurby commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? All the scrubs he beat in the arcades.
12) Would you ever date miluda? It depends if she's paying...
13) Is magnus_samma a college student? Yes
14) What word best describes magnus_samma? Pensive...always thinking, but never brooding
15) Is magnus_samma related to you? Hell no!
16) Does sin_ominous have a big secret? Nope
17) What would damaris do differently in your shoes? Try to be more positive and actually be a success.
18) Is miluda in a relationship? I think so.
19) Would you wrestle miluda in jello? Nope.
20) Are magnus_samma and sin_ominous going steady? Nope, and never will.
21) Is damaris your best friend? Nope. (Sorry, Dam, but there are others higher.)
22) How would sin_ominous conquer the world? He would probably force everyone to watch Conan O'Brien to distract them then release a virus to erase the hard drives of all the PCs.
23) What do you agree with magnus_samma about? We both don't like the financial direction webcomics are going.
24) Does miluda do drugs? No.
25) Is miluda a nerd? Yep. Artistic Nerd, but nerd nonetheless. ;)
26) What color should miluda dye their hair? Blue
27) What do you disagree with nycfurby about? How terrible I am.
28) Which of your friends should magnus_samma go out with? Do I have to pick one?
29) One quality you find attractive in nycfurby? I love the way he dotes his attention on the women he cares about.
30) What comic book character would miluda be? I'll exclude manga and say Rogue.
31) If nycfurby were hanging off a cliff, what would damaris do? Call for help with her cell and try to pull him up.
32) Do you think miluda is hot? Yep. She is one pretty woman.
33) Is nycfurby 1337? Sort of...
34) Do you have a crush on miluda? Nope.
35) Where would nycfurby most like to visit? Las Vegas.
36) Do miluda and magnus_samma go to the same school? Nope.
37) What animal does miluda remind you of? A dolphin. Graceful, aquatic.
38) Would magnus_samma be a better ninja or pirate? Ninja, definitely. Why, he sneaks on me all the...*muffle*
39) Would miluda and nycfurby make a good couple? Nope. Too many complications there.
40) What would nycfurby think of miluda? A good person who's grown up a lot and has good taste in games.
41) Where was damaris born? Indiana
42) nycfurby's hair color? Dark, dark, dark brown. Close to black, but not quite.
43) What is damaris's favorite color? Black
44) Does magnus_samma have a dog? Yes
45) What is miluda's shoe size? I'm guessing a size 7
46) Does sin_ominous go to your school? No
47) Would you set up sin_ominous and damaris? Nope. She's too strong for him. She'd break him!
48) If damaris and magnus_samma were spliced together, what would it be like? A terror. A highly creative and destructive deity with the organization and self-rigteousness to actually accomplish those goals.
49) What languages does miluda speak? Japanese, English, and Cantonese I believe
50) If nycfurby had a superpower, what would it be? The power to win any Street Fighter tournament and teleport long distances so he can get to the tourneys and the people he loves.
51) Where was magnus_samma born? Indiana
52) Has damaris dyed their hair? yep
53) Is miluda introverted or extroverted? Intro (from how she descibes her activities)
54) Is damaris athletic? No
55) miluda's eye color? Brown
56) Which president would nycfurby be likely to idolize? Clinton
57) If damaris took over the world, who would be happy? I would
58) What is damaris's favorite food? I don't know...
59) What would magnus_samma give sin_ominous for his/her birthday? Lots and lots of hentai!
60) What is magnus_samma's favorite movie? All time, I have no clue...
61) Is sin_ominous an emo? Nope
62) How many monkeys could nycfurby fight at once and win against? 1,000
63) Does magnus_samma travel a lot? I'd say yeah
64) Thoughts on magnus_samma? Good person. Needs to learn to be mean or else life's going to be rough/
65) How long have you known nycfurby? 7-8 years
66) What mental disorder does damaris remind you of? PMS...;)
67) Have you flirted with miluda? Nope
68) Have you ever dated sin_ominous? Nope.
69) How tall is magnus_samma? 5'7"? I suck at heights.
70) Does sin_ominous have a crush on miluda? Nah
71) Could you see magnus_samma and miluda together? Sadly, yes I friends
72) Would damaris and miluda look good together? Visually, yes.
73) Is damaris popular? Nah.
74) What is miluda's biggest flaw? Her's muted now but it's still there.
75) What would you do if you found out damaris has a crush on you? I'd show her my pic to break her out of it.
76) What would you do if magnus_samma died? I would cry and spend the rest of my on-line days in morning.
77) What flavor of jello would miluda be? Watermelon
78) Are nycfurby and sin_ominous going out? Nope
79) What is magnus_samma allergic to? Perfume
80) When did you last call magnus_samma? Call? Surely you jest.
81) Would you make out with sin_ominous? No
82) Are damaris and magnus_samma married? No
83) Does magnus_samma know damaris? No
84) Has sin_ominous been to your house/dorm? Hell no!
85) Would miluda go out with damaris? Nope
86) Is sin_ominous single? Yes
87) How would sin_ominous kill magnus_samma? With the power of the Mac, probably with the same method as taking over the world.
88) Does miluda smoke? Not that I know of...
89) Do you have sin_ominous's screenname? I guess...
90) What is nycfurby's favorite band/artist? I don't know, really.
91) What video game does sin_ominous remind you of? Super Mario Bros. (Only because of the signature)
92) If damaris and nycfurby were siamese twins, where would they be joined? On the hip
93) Is magnus_samma related to miluda? Nope
94) How long would nycfurby dating magnus_samma last? Five minutes
95) What exotic animal would nycfurby like as a pet? Tiger
96) If nycfurby and sin_ominous were spliced together, what would be its name? Annoying. ;)
97) If nycfurby was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? ScrubMan
98) What planet should miluda be from? Neptune
99) Is miluda a high school student? No
100) What song/movie would you recommend to nycfurby? Memento

And once you're done with that...
1)Despite being obsessed with them at times, I can't stand fresh tomatoes.
2)My living space is a wreck because I am packrat.
3)I like to sing, but I bad at it.
3)Despite my open love of envy and destruction I am a Christian. I'm just a very bad one.
4)I voted for Nader in 2000 and regretted it ever since.
5)Silent Perfection was the name of a silly fanfic project of mine that I never actually wrote a word on. But since it sounded so good as a phrase I co-opted it into a a motto.
6)I love letting my fingernails grow long because when I was a kid I saw a Ghostbusters cartoon with this man who had really long fingernails.
7)My favorite Teenage Ninja Turtles character is the one-shot Mona Lisa.
8)I have never learned how to type properly, and it shows in my lack of speed.
9)DuckTales taught me how to spell. I used to think "jail" was spelled J-A-L-E until an episode aired where one of the nephews spelled it.
10)I have little self-control when it comes to just about anything. I stay on the Internet 12 hours a day when I have the time. I play games 12 hours a day when I have the time.
11)I wear glasses and my right eye is weaker than my left.
12)I have a mad crush on Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but I'm glad he's married because I'm not his type.
13)My screen name comes from the fact that when I was a baby, I used to say "Nang."
14)I have thought of cosplaying as Rose, even though I look NOTHING like her. I have a dress that could work as a stretch, but I'd need a scarf...and a wig...and heels.
15)Other than the soaps and the Steelers I have gotten out of the habit of watching televsion on a regular basis. I may catch something on TV, but as far as regularly watching something, I don't have the discipline to do it.
16)I am flatfooted and wear a size 9 shoe. As a result, I absolutely hate shoe shopping because it's so hard to find a shoe that fits nicely.
17)I've always wanted to develop and release a comic book series, but I have zero talent at drawing.
18)When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up, and by my early teens, I was confident I would be a dentist. After my grandfather had surgery, though, I was certain I would never begin a career in the field of medicine because I realized I was too selfish. Ever since then I had no clue as to what I wanted to do with my life.
19)I actually flunked a course once, even if it's not on my academic record. It was calculus. It took it in a summer course between my junior and senior year of high school and simply failed it. When I took it in high school again, though, I aced it with flying colors. But I think that failure haunts me to this day.
20)It took me an entire hour to write this. I want my time back. But I'm not tagging anyone.

Well, I fixed some of the errors, but the answers I got wrong, I left.
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