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Writer's Block: Instant wish

Jun. 8th, 2010 | 02:40 pm

If you could have one--and only one--wish granted in the next five minutes, what would you wish? How do you think it would improve your life?

Only one wish?  Bummer! Then I wish I had the unlimited time, influence, money, wisdom, discipline, opportunity, health and ability to instantly bring all of my dreams, daydreams, and wishes to a successful, widely beloved, permanent and tangible reality, from childhood to the time of making this wish.

That would improve my life immensely.

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from: polymale
date: Jun. 8th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)

See, I don't think that wish counts. It's like saying "I wish for more wishes" (but phrased better).

But I do like your wish :)

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Thanks for the reply

from: nangbaby
date: Jun. 8th, 2010 07:47 pm (UTC)

You're right. It probably wouldn't count, or the genie could be a jerk and cut me off at the time part, which would be fine by me. If I had to choose one, I'd take the time over the rest, because even as stupid as I am with enough time I probably could get somewhere, or I would realize my dreams were worthless with that time, or I could be paralyzed/incapacitate and have the time, but not the means of actually fulfilling my wishes...

Still I'm going to cram as much as I can to see if I can get it all, even if there's no chance of it working. I'm stubborn like that.

Edited at 2010-06-08 07:48 pm (UTC)

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Re: Thanks for the reply

from: polymale
date: Jun. 8th, 2010 07:52 pm (UTC)

Hehe. Well, properly phrased it should be no problem to have that and literally anything else you would want. :)

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from: evil_kieben
date: Jun. 9th, 2010 08:54 pm (UTC)

Disney's Aladdin pisses me off. If I were Jasmine I'd be like "fuck you, jerk! I could have had three wishes, but noooo, you had to go and free the genie first without even any consideration of my own wants needs and desires!"

So wishing for more wishes is out. He never said you couldn't wish for another genie!

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